The Event

Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Casa da Arquitectura and its partner Municipalities decided to reschedule the 6th edition of Open House Porto for July 3rd and 4th 2021, thus ensuring the safety of the public and all people involved in the organization.

The postponement of this year’s edition is in line with what has been happening in several cities that host the event all over the world, which have chosen to reschedule the Open House.

As usual the visitors will have access to a wide program of visits, which will give them the opportunity to see and to know spaces that are not always accessible.

Besides the itinerary, and as an added extra, there are also two programs of parallel events that enable other ways to see and enjoy the spaces: the Caleidoscópio and Plus program.

The sixth edition of OPEN HOUSE PORTO is organised and produced exclusively by Casa da Arquitectura in partnership with the Municipalities of Porto, Gaia, Matosinhos and, starting this year, also Maia.

Many other partners are connected to this event, without whom it would be impossible to offer this program of free guided tours to the public.

How It Works

During the weekend everyone is invited to get to know totally free of charge, a program with diverse spaces in their typology and from different times. Each participant can create his own itinerary to their liking, exploring the architecture and the city through new eyes.

Visit Formats

Open Visit — visit the space without being accompanied, within the opening hours

Regular Visit — visit the space with the commentary of our Open House Porto team of volunteers

Tour — visit the space accompanied by the authors of the project or by an invited specialist.

Ways of Accessing the Visits

More information soon.

Caleidoscópio Program

Group of free activities produced in partnership with CASA DA ARQUITECTURA during Open House Porto, occurring in some of the spaces of the itinerary and that are intended to all types of audiences. It is the result of wanting to show other perspectives in the exploring and occupying spaces.

Detailed information on all activities of the Caleidoscópio Program, spaces where it takes place and timetables, available for consultation HERE.

Plus Program

Parallel program of free activities promoted by other entities not related to CASA DA ARQUITECTURA, whose profile and site fit into the Open House Porto spirit. Detailed information on all activities of the Plus Program, spaces where it takes place and timetables, available for consultation HERE

Other Info

More information soon.

Architecture will have its doors open: be a part of this experience!


Open House Porto

Coordenação Geral:
Carla Barros | CA
Ana Pinto | CA
Júlio Senra | CA
Manuel Gonçalves | CA
Filipe Silva | CA
Margarida Portugal (Coord.) | CA
José Pereira | CA
Pedro Rocha | CA
Filipa Guimarães | CA
Assessoria de Imprensa:
Joana de Belém | CA
Margarida Matos | CA
Casa da Arquitectura
Programa Caleidoscópio:
Carla Barros | CA
Margarida Matos | CA
Filipa Godinho | CA
Susana Pomba
Design de Comunicação:
Rui Silva
Sérgio Couto
Casa da Arquitectura
Van Condensed by Ricardo Santos

Casa da Arquitectura - Centro Português de Arquitectura

Comissão Executiva:
José Manuel Dias da Fonseca, Presidente
Nuno Sampaio, Diretor Executivo
Joaquim Mendes Pinto, Tesoureiro
Coordenação do Departamento Financeiro e de Recursos Humanos:
Soraia Lebre
Contratação e Faturação:
Joana Costa
Contratação e Compras:
Joana Ferreira
Secretariado Comissão Executiva:
Mafalda Costa
Secretariado e Apoio Associado:
Natacha Mota
Coordenação do Departamento de Edifícios e Infraestruturas:
Paulo Silva
Liliana Taveira
Bilheteira e Receção:
Inês Lourenço
Sónia Alves
Coordenação do Departamento de Atividades e Conteúdos:
Carla Barros
Internacionalização e Produção:
Ana Pinto
Júlio Senra
Manuel Gonçalves
Filipe Silva
Coordenação do Departamento de Arquivos e Biblioteca:
Ana Filipe
Arquivo e Gestão de Coleções:
Alice Lopes
Débora Matouças
Gilson Fernandes
José Fonseca
Coordenação do Departamento de Comunicação, Marketing e Desenvolvimento de Produto:
Margarida Portugal
Assessoria de Imprensa:
Joana de Belém
Imagem e Design:
José Pereira
Conteúdos Audiovisuais:
Pedro Rocha
Gestão Edifício Digital:
Filipa Guimarães
Coordenação Departamento Comercial, Desenvolvimento e Fundraising:
Margarida Matos
Loja da Casa:
Carla Sousa
Rita Pinto
Joana Correia Pinto
Beatriz Takahashi
Serviço Educativo:
Filipa Godinho
Alice Marques
Rita Alves